Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Company Men, or Ben Affleck Can't Afford His Porsche.

It's a tough life when you don't make 160,000 a year anymore.

I expected fairly little out of The Company Men, as the trailer seemed to highlight Ben Affleck screaming, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and for God's sake, people like me."  No one wants to see that.  But I did anyway and was pleasantly surprised.  I'm not saying that The Company Men was that great, but it is incredibly relevant, quite accurate, and one of the few films that has touched on the recent economic climate.

The Company Men stars Ben Affleck, so naturally everyone is from Boston.  His company has just cut three thousand jobs, and his position is no exception.  Naturally, he gets pissed off and decides to get a new job, because he's Ben Affleck and everyone should be begging to employ him.  Turns out, no one cares.

Ben Affleck then goes into an epic state of denial; he starts to play a lot of golf, gets his Porsche detailed, and he meets his first black person--because that's what happens when you're unemployed.  Meanwhile, his kid sells his Xbox, because that extra three hundred dollars can get Ben a new putter (which he needs to appear successful).

Basically the film is Ben realizing that no one wants to hire him, crying like a little baby, working for an awkwardly placed Kevin Costner, and then getting totally bailed by Tommy Lee Jones; which would obviously never happen in real life because all executives are selfish bastards.

This film is going to suck in twenty years, because by then we'll all be used to being poor and won't be able to remember a time in which we once all had Porsche's.  But its an accurate description of what's going on now.  People are losing their jobs for stupid reasons, realizing that rich people are pricks, and then either killing themselves or getting a shittier job.  Unfortunately, no one takes an AK-47 to their former employers, which is really the only way anything is ever going to get done.

Basically, we're all fucked.  Maybe this movie will help you realize it.

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